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Sore Muscle and Bruise Lotion

Sore Muscle lotion 1

This rich and soothing lotion is wonderful for massage or every day use. Be careful not to use on broken skin because it does contain the arnica plant and can poison the blood.  You can make any kind of lotion with the basics of this recipe. Use whatever kind of oil, liquid and beeswax.


Arnica herb oil 1

Make a solar infused oil with equal parts fresh arnica flowers and leaves, dried lavender flower buds, dried marshmallow leaves, dried calendula flowers and fresh dandelion flowers.

Arnica herb oil 2

Cover with olive oil and a lid. Be sure to label. Place outside in the sun for 2 – 4 weeks. If you are in a rush, use the stove top method by heating the herbs and oil over very low heat for an hour, be careful not to burn them. Strain through a mesh cloth and strainer. For every cup of infused oil you will need 1/4 cup or 2 oz beeswax melted with the oil. Allow the oil and beeswax to come to room temperature or until it just starts to set up.

Sore Muscle lotion

At this point you can either use equal parts oil and purified water or an herbal infused tea (say for example, calendula tea). Immediately mix with an immersion blender until creamy.  Add essential oils of your liking. I like to use 40 drops of rosemary and lavender as they are also helpful for tense muscles.  Add 20-30 drops  vitamin E oil as a preservative.  Use a large syringe to squirt into bottles or jars. Label and date. Keep in the fridge for long term storage.

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