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Medicinal Herb Post #28 written July 12, 2018

Parsley – Petroselinum crispum

Parsley is a biennial that goes to seed the second year and dies. I planted parsley one time when we first moved into our home 8 years ago and haven’t had to worry about planting again. It produces a lot of seed and will take over your garden if you let it. The flowers attract beneficial pollinators into the garden. I like to have 1st and 2nd year plants in my garden every year for different reasons, like cooking, medicine and pollinators/seed. All parts of the plant, leaves, roots and seeds are used either medicinally or for culinary purposes. It is high in chlorophyll and vitamins, A, B ,C, iron and calcium.

Parsley leaf is great for halitosis or bad breath and digestive issues like gas and bloating. It’s leaves are also a diuretic helping to flush the kidneys or other organs and tissues holding on to too much fluid in cases such as edema or congestive heart failure. It’s also great for bladder or urinary tract infections to help flush out bacteria. The root is an antilithic, an old word that means “stone” or in this case anti stone, breaking up kidney and gall bladder stones. I like to harvest the plants that are just starting their second year of growth. Yank out the ones where I don’t want them growing and chop and dry the root. Parsley should be avoided in large medicinal quantities by mothers who are nursing because it can dry up milk, unless that’s what you want, then go for it.

I just made a tincture for kidney/gall stones made with parsley root to break up stones, marshmallow root to soothe irritated tissues, lobelia as an antispasmodic to calm down constrictive smooth muscles and dandelion or parsley leaf as a diuretic to help flush everything out. This can be used acutely or as a preventative monthly or if one is less prone to stones, every 6 months.

I love adding parsley to salads, soups and especially making fresh garlic herb bread.
Cut two loaves of French or sourdough bread sandwich style. Heat 6 cloves chopped garlic, 1/4 cup chopped parsley leaf and 2 tablespoons oregano leaf, salt and pepper to taste in 1/2 cup olive oil. Be careful not to burn the garlic or herbs. Take off the heat once you start to smell the herbs. On the top of each loaf, spread softened butter. On the bottom of each loaf spoon the herb oil mixture and spread evenly. Close the loaves and wrap in foil. Heat in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Cut and serve warm.

This is one of my favorite summer dishes, most ingredients from the garden, including parsley!

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