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Welcome to Organic Emily! If you’ve found this page, it’s because you’re wondering what this blog is all about.  I’m an organic gardener with a typical, quarter acre suburban lot which is not a lot of space!  If you follow along with this blog, you’ll learn how I maximize this space to produce fruit, vegetables and herbs for my family’s use.  Our focus is to show YOU how to do the same with your own little piece of earth!  Organic Emily will teach you not only how to grow your own produce but how to incorporate it into healthy meals your family will actually eat! And I should know- I’m the Mom of 7 children.  We’ll also show you how to use edible and medicinal herbs.


I was raised in a gardening family and worked closely with my Father (often with the enthusiasm you’d expect from a teenager) to create lovely gardens at my childhood home.  My Mother is an amazing cook and often caters private events.  From her, I learned a love of great food and gained the skills I needed to create it. The lessons I learned from my parents grew into a passion for gardening and creating delicious organic food.  Given my history, it’s not surprising that I met and fell in love with a talented landscape contractor, Ryan.  Together we own  which Ryan manages and implements beautiful residential landscapes with the help of some very talented crews.  Ryan’s interests fall more to the “design, construction and maintenance” of landscapes- and he’ll share some great tips here from time to time.

My passion for gardening centers around a holistic approach to living. To further my knowledge and capacity as a gardener, I completed the “Master Gardener” program offered through the USU Extension Service.  My focus is on growing edible and medicinal plants.  I fit them into my landscape wherever I can which means I often mix my edibles and ornamentals! I’ve only got a quarter acre, I have to maximize every inch!  Growing your own is great but the real secret is in learning how to take what you’ve grown and turn it into delicious, healthy food and soothing, herbal products for you and yours.

Whatever I am unable to grow myself, I purchase organic.  I have both a family and a budget so I’ll show you how to work through budget constraints to eat healthy- it CAN be done!  The final piece of holistic living for me is exercise which is why I teach Yoga/Pilates classes at Vasa Gym. I also homeschool all my children. We all live busy lives but I hope to show you how to mesh a healthy lifestyle with a hectic one in small, “doable” pieces.

In the Community:

I’m excited to be working with KSL’s “Studio 5″ program each week this summer to teach viewers how to eat fresh from their own yards!  To see my segments, check out the “Media” page and we’ll post them there. If you have suggestions for things you’d like me to address on the show, please send me a note via the contact page or through my Facebook Page.

I believe in creating caring, supportive communities where we can all learn from each other and progress.  This blog is part of that philosophy as is the volunteer work I do through the new “Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club” where I serve as the Club President.  Our group seeks to educate everyday homeowners who are actively “DIY” (do-it-yourself) projects in their homes and landscapes. The Club holds monthly classes in person and creates lots of great information for “online” members too.  Membership is free -anyone is welcome to join.  For more information, check out the Club’s Blog.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor to “Organic Emily”!