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Starwest Botanicals Bulk Herbs, Spices, Tea Blends, Extracts and More

Herbal tea

Starwest Botanicals has been in business since 1975 in Sacramento California. Starwest complies with the Global Standard for Food Safety Initiative and is regularly audited and certified by an independent 3rd party organization to ensure the highest superior quality products. For more information please visit on testing and sustainable practices.

Orders are made quarterly on the 12th of each month for January, April, July and October of 2021

How to Order

The best way to order from Star-West is to go to their website and find the items you want. Some things aren’t always available and prices change, so by going there yourself that takes a lot of extra work out for me putting the orders together and contacting people multiple times. Send a list of items you want, including the size, through my contact page and I will get you the wholesale price plus 5% to cover tax and shipping.

Info on Products

All 1 pound herbs and spices are packaged in a polyfoil resealable bag to maintain freshness. 4 ounce bags come in a stand-up plastic pouch with a re-sealable zipper closure. All packaging includes botanical names, origin, ingredients, and safety guidelines. C/S means cut and sifted. WC means wild crafted.

Herbal Capsules, Single and Formula Extracts (tinctures), Flavor Extracts for Cooking/Baking, Essential Oils, Flower Waters, Hydrosols, Body & Skin Care Products, Tools, Accessories, Containers and Books all listed on the website.