Organic Emily

Schedule Private Walks or Foraging Outings


I am excited to offer personal forage outings and/or plant walks for your private group!
Please see the description below for more details on the two options offered.
My time is very valuable to me with 7 children I homeschool and a business to run. I have priced these events fairly according to my education and certifications. Please reach out to me through my contact page if you are interested in scheduling a private session with me.

Private Group Plant Walks

Schedule your private plant walk for your group in the area of your choosing. This class is for identifying plants only. I am happy to offer insights on where to do plant walks as well. I will travel between Salt Lake county and Sanpete county.

Cost is $45 an hour for the group.  Classes cannot exceed more than 12 people to maintain quality of education. Exceptions can be made for family gatherings.

My price for homeschool or children’s groups is $10 per family with a minimum of 3 families and not to exceed 6 families.

I do charge for travel time if travel exceeds more than 30 minutes to destination.  You can choose how long you want your plant walk to last. I recommend 2 to 4 hours (no longer than 4 hours as it gets to be overwhelming for people). You save money by having a group of 10 or more. I charge $20 per person for my plant walks that go for 3 – 4 hours.


Private Foraging Outing

Outings will be held in Sanpete county with the option of foraging in other counties (SL and UT) as plant material is in abundance.
A minimum of two students is required to forage. If there is just one person my assistant is required to be there.

$150 for one person with my assistant joining us for 4 hours.

$200 for 2 people for 4 hours (additional $50 option to have assistant join to optimize time and quantity/diversity of foraging)

$400 for 4 people for 4 hours (additional $100 option to have assistant join to optimize time and quantity/diversity of foraging)

We follow National Forest and Native American guidelines for foraging plant medicine gathering ethically and sustainably and only what is needed for us as individuals. We never forage for commercial use. Availability of plant material varies depending on the time of season and Mother Nature. There is no guarantee that specific plants will be in abundance enough to harvest.