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Medicinal Herb – Blackberry and Raspberry

Blackberry Raspberry plant

Medicinal Herb Post #12 written on June 12, 2018

Blackberries – Rubus allegheniensis Raspberries – Rubus idaeus

Did you know there are medicinal properties to blackberry and raspberry plants? The berries are delicious, but the leaves and roots are also beneficial! In my yard I always have canes that come up in places I don’t need them to be, so I’ll wait for them to leaf out and pull them up, wash them off and dry both leaves and roots, storing them in glass jars for later use.

Let’s talk about Blackberries first. The leaf and the root are a wonderful astringent, meaning it contains tannins in it that pucker or dry up swollen inflamed tissues. The root is stronger than the leaf. It can be used as a tea, tincture or in capsules successfully for sore throats, mouth ulcers, diarrhea, dysentery, and hemorrhoids. You could make a delicious blackberry syrup with the berries and root bark for sore throats and cough. Cover the berries and roots with purified water. Cook down to half volume and strain. Add equal amounts raw honey to blackberry liquid, pour into bottles and keep refrigerated.

Raspberry leaf is one of my favorite herbs! It is a really great astringent too, but it also balances hormones, helps to regulate female cycles, tones the uterus… making it a go to herb for uterine cramps and especially preparing for labor, birth and recovery in pregnant women. It is also good for lactating mothers who need a boost keeping their milk. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals. I love drinking an herbal combination of raspberry leaf, nettles, spearmint, chamomile and rose petals. Perfect for growing mom and baby or your teen daughter!

Do you use Blackberries and Raspberries medicinally? How do you use them?

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