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House Build Update – Framing, Windows and Doors

Framing 5

It has been a while since I have updated on the home build. The house is now framed and what a huge undertaking it was! We experienced many miracles to get all the materials we needed and acknowledge the hand of God in our lives! We are truly grateful for all that we have been able to do! We have been blessed with health and safety throughout this process and continue to pray for blessings.

Framing 1

One of the miracles we experienced was the ability to get LVLs at all. We drove to St. George to get them. The guy we bought them from said he felt like he should just help us out when he usually only sells full home packages. So we made a day of it and picked up our big headers that help frame the doors, windows and bearing walls!

Framing 2

Framing in the basement bearing walls.

Framing 3

Another view of the basement.

Framing 4

Laying down the sub floor over the floor joists for the first floor. Floor joists were another item we couldn’t get. We found a friend of a friend who had enough 16″ floor joists for 8 homes just sitting on his property! He was going to build condos a few years ago and didn’t. He has now supplied multiple friends and family with much needed materials! Another great miracle!

Framing 6

My amazing son who is now qualified to work for a framer if he needed to! He is one strong intelligent young man!

Framing 7

Another view of the sub floor being laid over the floor joists.

Framing 8

This was our first wall we put up for the house! It felt so good to get it into place! Another miracle we experienced was a good friend who is a framer and general contractor. He happened to have some free time for a few weeks and helped us do all the really big things, including putting in our beautiful stairs! I am so impressed with people who frame houses. They are so strong and knowledgeable!

Framing 9

Another view of the first wall up!

Framing 10

Back of the house exterior wall in place. Yes that is a large opening for a big slider door.

Framing 11

Front of the house exterior wall up!

Framing 26

First floor exterior walls in place!

Framing 25

Moving onto interior walls on the first floor! Grateful for family who came to help!

Jack and Mom

Jack and Mom taking a quick break on the cool concrete floor in the basement under the stairs, trying to get out of the sun for a bit. We were so tired! We had worked so hard carrying heavy lumber to the house to put up walls and joists in place. We joke that this is the house that Jack built!

Framing 22

Exterior walls up and ready for trusses!

Framing 23

Another miracle came our way when I was on the search for trusses. I was in tears when I called every distributor in Utah for them only to tell me they weren’t giving out anymore bids or they couldn’t get them in until the end of the year! We prayed for a miracle and finally found someone who could sell them to us from Laramie Wyoming! The trip was long and hard on my husband’s truck, but we made it all in one piece and were so very grateful!

Framing 19

Trusses in place and on to sheeting the roof!

Framing 15

We did sub-contract out the roof and it was put on in less than a week! That was such a relief, especially after all the rain we got this past summer. We are now mostly dried in for the winter.

Framing 16

View from the back yard with roof going on.

Framing 14

View from the front with roof going on.

Framing 13

Windows and front door in place! Now it is really starting to feel like home!

Framing 12

View from the back yard. Love the big slider door and all the natural light it allows in!

At this point we are working on plumbing, electrical, sub-contracting HVAC and finishing up little areas of framing for the 4-way inspection. We hope to have it all ready for insulation and dry wall by the first of November. It is coming together slowly as we have done much of the work ourselves. We look forward to get moved in this winter! More updates to come!



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  1. Gwendolyn Larsen says:

    I admire what you’re doing and I’m so glad that you’re being blessed to be in before winter. :-)

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