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Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs: Catnip


Growing Catnip

This easy to grow perennial is very aromatic and can grow up to 4 feet tall.  It likes well draining soil but will grow in most soils.  It is a family member to the mint family.  Some people like the smell and some not so much.  Although, we do know that cats love it so much that they seem to go into a trance over it!  It likes regular watering and partial sun, but can take full sun too.  It grows natively in abundance in the mountains.  I gather the native leaves up by the family cabin every year.  Cut back the plant when it reaches 8 inches or more to harvest the leaves.  It will continue to grow and produce all season long like mints do.  It is also a natural pesticide and herbicide.

Using Catnip

Catnip is best used in a tea form.  Many people drink catnip tea to help relieve digestive problems like flatulence/bloating.  It is very safe for babies with colic/teething and is found in many tinctures along with fennel.  I have had great success with my colicky babies using Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Col.   Catnip is also very good for relieving tension (including headaches), stress, nervousness and restlessness.   Many sources say to not use catnip during pregnancy or during periods because it can cause heavier bleeding.

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