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Emily teaching an herb class


DISCLAIMER: Please read before choosing and paying for your class. This page is subject to change anytime. There is a Paypal button available to pay for the class(es) of your choice. I also accept check or cash. In order to save a place in the class I must receive payment first. Note that classes fill up quickly.  Seating is limited. Most classes are held in South Jordan Utah unless specified otherwise.  Once I receive payment I will confirm your place in the class and get you all the information you need to attend. All information given is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Classes are subject to change at any time due to Covid.


Pruning Class and Organic Gardening Success Tips- 1 pm – Saturday March 6th, 2021

Learn how to prune ornamental trees and shrubs, including roses, as well as fruiting trees, brambles and vines. We will also discuss successful tips on growing organically, including ways to decrease weeding and create beautiful soil. Class capacity is 12. No refunds available. This class will go for 3 hours. We will have a lecture for 1.5 hours inside and demonstration on how to prune outside for another 1.5 hours.  Deadline to sign up is March 5th.

Class – $5


Fermentation and Bread Making – 11 AM Saturday, April 10th 2021

Come and learn about the significance of the gut microbiome and how to care for it with the skill of preserving through fermentation of veggies, salsa, fruit and bread. The workshop is $15. You’ll get to taste lots of delicious fermented foods and take home your own sourdough starter.  Deadline to sign up is April 3rd. Did you know that what you eat and how you live directly impacts your health and how you feel? For every cell we have in our body there are 10x more bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that are all talking to our mitochondria, coordinating repair and growth. We are only 1% human… the rest of us is an ecosystem that works harmoniously with our body if we are treating them right. Those little critters are the control center of the body, regulating hormones, inflammation, brain chemistry and what we do or don’t absorb. We know that 70% of our immune system is in the gut, where health begins. Our gut health even impacts our brain activity because more gaba and serotonin are produced in the gut than the brain. For every 1 message our brain sends to our gut, our gut sends 9. These messages include the activation of our immune system, the growth of new brain cells and the adaptability of these new cells to learn. More science is finding that our gut microbiome is critical to whether or not we experience chronic illness and impacts the health of our future. Come and learn what foods trigger inflammation and which foods to eat more of. We will learn the simple skill of fermenting vegetables like kimchi and salsa, fruit chutneys and even fermented bread which lowers the gluten content significantly. Contact me for more info. Seating maximum for this class is 15. No refunds available after the deadline. Cost goes to food purchased for the class. A light lunch will be served and you will take home your own sourdough starter. This class will go for 2 hours. 3/25/21 CLASS IS FULL

Class Price – $15

Emily’s Hiking Adventure Society

Capacity for the group is full. Please let me know if you would like to be put on the waiting list for any future openings. 

As I thought about what I could do to still find educational opportunities without living in the Salt Lake area any longer or having my own garden temporarily to hold herb walks, the thought of going into God’s garden more often came to mind. So I would like to start a hiking adventure society! I have planned out 10 hikes every other week May through September. We will start with the more easy to moderate hikes and work up to the longer and more intense hikes with a few smaller ones in between. Listed below are the dates and the places we will be visiting, but not in any specific order. You can sign up for one hike for $10 or you can buy the whole package and save, for $50! *Hikes are subject to change due to weather, political propaganda or any other personal reason on my end. You will notice all hikes will be held on Fridays (most starting in the morning). Dates, times and places will be emailed to you when the time gets closer after you have signed up. This opportunity will give those who come on a regular basis an opportunity to see new plants and the same plants in their different seasons. I will be keeping the group small at 8 participants. No refunds for missing hikes once you sign up.

Dates to plan ahead-
May 14, 28
June 11, 25
July 9, 23
August 6, 20
September 3, 17

The Hikes- (not in any particular order)
Salt Lake county – Catherine Pass to Sunset Peak – 4 miles
Mary Martha Catherine lakes from Brighton – 6 miles
Desolation Lake – 8 miles
Yellow Fork Canyon – 4 miles
Lamb’s Canyon – 4 miles

Utah County -        Timpanogos – Timpanookene trail – 14 miles
Silver Lake Trail – American Fork – 5 miles
Fifth Water Hot Springs – Spanish Fork – 5 miles
Wadsworth Trail – Springville – 6 miles
Blackhawk Trail – Mt. Nebo Wilderness – 8 miles

*Please send an email through my contact page if you are interested joining me!


2021 Women’s Retreat May 26th – 29th

I will be holding my annual women’s retreat this year again! We will be staying in a Cabin located near Sundance Utah up Provo canyon. Check out the link here!  Cost is $360 and includes 3 nights of lodging, food, herb kit, herb walk/hike, yoga and more! I am only allowing new born babies to come with mom, 6 months or younger. Please contact me for payment info to hold your place in the retreat. You will be added to our Facebook group and receive updates via email. Returns will only be issued if I can find a replacement for your spot. Hope you can join us this year!

Update 3/14/21 – Retreat is FULL. Please inquire about being placed on a waiting list.