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DISCLAIMER: Please read before choosing and paying for your class. This page is subject to change anytime. There is a Paypal button available to pay for the class(es) of your choice. I also accept check or cash. In order to save a place in the class I must receive payment first. Note that classes fill up quickly.  Seating is limited to 24 for some classes and 12 for others. Classes are held in West Jordan Utah unless specified otherwise.  Once I receive payment I will confirm your place in the class and get you all the information you need to attend. All information given is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Notice the classes are not listed in order.


Seed Starting Class – 1 pm – Saturday Feb 1st, 2020

Come and learn how to start and care for your own seedlings indoors! Starting your own seeds is simple and rewarding. We will talk about what to do and what not to do for transplanting outside. You have the option to take home your own soil blocker that will last forever and save a lot of money long term on pots, as well as 1 tray with dome lid of 28 small 2 x 2 inch planted soil blocks in each tray, totaling 28 plants. Or you can just purchase the planted tray option for $15. You will have the option to plant veggies, culinary herbs and medicinal plants.  Cost for the class is $50 with the soil blocker.  Class capacity is 25. Deadline to sign up is Jan 17th 2020. Soil Blocker with Planted Tray Class – $50

Planted Tray Only Class – $15


Pruning Class and Organic Gardening Success Tips- 1 pm – Saturday March 7th, 2020 Class is Full No Seats Available

Learn how to prune ornamental trees and shrubs, including roses, as well as fruiting trees, brambles and vines. We will also discuss successful tips on growing organically, including ways to decrease weeding and create beautiful soil. Cost of the class is $5. Class capacity is 20. As of 2/25/20 (1) seat left open. No refunds available.  Deadline to sign up is March 6th. Class – $10


Healing Herbal Women’s Retreat May 28th – 30th

Join me for our first annual women’s herbal healing retreat located in Springville, Utah. The home we will be staying in is nestled close to the mountains where we can hike up Spring Canyon and Hobble Creek Canyon. It has an outdoor pool, large patio and indoor basketball court, giving us plenty of room to practice yoga inside or out! Here is a link of pictures of the house we will be staying in. Included in the retreat are 2 nights of lodging, nutritious meals we will get to make together, yoga and meditation, herb walk/hiking, a medicine making workshop specifically for women’s needs and plenty of relaxation time to unwind and decompress!  There are queen size beds and bunk beds. Some will need to share a large bed. Check in is at 4 pm on the 28th and check out is 11 am on the 30th. The total cost is $295 for the weekend if you pay through Venmo, or $305 if you pay through my website under my events page because of Pay Pal charges.  Contact me for my Venmo information. There are 3 spots open for the class as of  2/17/20 (14 total). Refunds are available until May 7th, 2020 except for $78.71 for the house rental if we cannot find a replacement to come in your place. That price will change if we fill all 14 spots. Once the class is full please contact me about being placed on a waiting list through my contact page. I will email you all the info needed for the retreat. This retreat also includes an herb walk on May 23rd, 2020 at 10 am. Please read the details concerning the walk below. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend get away with you!

Class – $305.00


Herb Walk – 10 am – Saturday May 23rd, 2020

This herb walk is an extension of the Women’s Retreat for May 28th – 30th. Those who have signed up for the retreat can attend without extra price.  Those who haven’t are still welcome to join us for a small price for the herb walk at my house on the 23rd. We will be discussing plants that are specific and beneficial for women. Not all plants will be found in the mountains on the retreat so I wanted to offer another visual experience.  The herb walk will go for approximately 2 hours. Class capacity is 25. Class (if you haven’t signed up for the retreat) – $15


Basic Herbalist Workshop – June 26th and 27th Herbal Workshop is FULL. Herb walks are still open.

Come and learn the basics of herbal medicine. We will learn how to identify and use the plants we see, grow and harvest. Even if you have taken this class before you can always join us. There is something to learn for everyone. We will start with an herb walk on Friday June 26th from 9:30 A.M – 12:30 P.M. I will send you more info when you sign up for the class or walk. We will spend a few hours identifying and talking about the plants we find. On Saturday morning we will start with another herb walk at my home from 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. going over herbs we didn’t see the day before. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch (on your own) and then we will meet back at my house for the hands on portion of our class from 1:00 P.M – 4:00 P.M.  We will go over how to make the following herbal medicine that will give you a broad range of uses: Infusions (herbal tea) Decoctions - Syrups Herbal Vinegars - Oxymels Poultices Infused Herbal Oils - Herbal Salves Creams/Lotions Glycerite/Tincture/Elixir You will go home with 6 items from the class. (syrup, oxymel, poultice blend, salve, cream, and tincture). Price is $50 including the herb walks and hands on class. There is also an option to just do the herb walks for $15 each. Class capacity is 12. If you are unable to attend the hands on class you can pick up your kit at your convenience.  No refunds available after deadline. Deadline to sign up for the workshop is June 20th.  Herb Walks and Hands On Class – $50

Herb Walk on Friday June 26th – $15

Herb Walk on Saturday June 27th – $15

Fermentation and Bread Making – 1 pm Sat – August 1st, 2020  Class is Full

Come and learn about the significance of the gut microbiome and how to care for it with the skill of preserving through fermentation of veggies, salsa, fruit and bread. The workshop is $15. You’ll get to taste lots of delicious fermented foods and take home your own sourdough starter.  Deadline to sign up is July 25th. Did you know that what you eat and how you live directly impacts your health and how you feel? For every cell we have in our body there are 10x more bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that are all talking to our mitochondria, coordinating repair and growth. We are only 1% human… the rest of us is an ecosystem that works harmoniously with our body if we are treating them right. Those little critters are the control center of the body, regulating hormones, inflammation, brain chemistry and what we do or don’t absorb. We know that 70% of our immune system is in the gut, where health begins. Our gut health even impacts our brain activity because more gaba and serotonin are produced in the gut than the brain. For every 1 message our brain sends to our gut, our gut sends 9. These messages include the activation of our immune system, the growth of new brain cells and the adaptability of these new cells to learn. More science is finding that our gut microbiome is critical to whether or not we experience chronic illness and impacts the health of our future. Come and learn what foods trigger inflammation and which foods to eat more of. We will learn the simple skill of fermenting vegetables like kimchi and salsa, fruit chutneys and even fermented bread which lowers the gluten content significantly. Contact me for more info. Seating maximum for this class is 20. No refunds available after the deadline. Cost goes to food purchased for the class. Class Price – $15

Herbal First Aid – August 28th and 29th, 2020 Class is Full as of 8/7. Walks are still open.

This herbal workshop will be focused on caring for your family when it comes to first aid needs. We will begin on Friday August 28th in the mountains (TBA) at 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM. There we will identify plants in the wild that are helpful for first aid needs. On Saturday August 29th we will resume another herb walk at 10 AM in my yard to talk about a few more plants that are not found in the wild and are beneficial for emergency situations. Afterward we will take a lunch break (on your own) and come back at 1 PM to learn how to make medicine with the herbs for situations like excessive bleeding, poultices for mending wounds; including how to close a wound without sutures. We will make salve to help draw out infections and poison, bug bite spray, liniment for bruises/sprains or to clean a wound, making important emergency tinctures to have on hand and collecting available seeds.  Deadline to sign up is August 21st. Seating maximum for this class is 12. If you are unavailable to attend the class for any reason you will be able to still pick up your first aid kit.  NO refunds available after deadline. Herbal First Aid Workshop and Walks – $50

 Herb Walk for Friday – $15

 Herb Walk for Saturday – $15


Family & Children’s Herbal Care – September 11th and 12th, 2020  Class is full as of 8/10. 

This herbal workshop is on combating common illness; with an emphasis on keeping your family healthy during the colder months. We will be discussing ways to protect our families from covid and other respiratory illnesses. We will begin on Friday at 10 AM for an herb walk around my garden showing you all the things you can grow in your own yard for your family needs. Then we will resume class on Saturday the 12th back at my house at 1 PM for lunch and making herbal medicine.  Getting our families and children to take herbs isn’t always easy. We will learn how to make electuraries or herbal treats so our little ones are more likely to take them, and cook with different herbs that support the immune system. We will discuss important infusions to combat the cold/flu, what to do for earaches instead of using antibiotics, make bath tea bags for fevers while talking about the importance of fevers, learn how to make an oxymel for deep coughs, make a cough and congestion balm with infused oil, make natural hand sanitizer with powerful antiviral herbs and finally make helpful tinctures and glycerites for when we do get sick. I will also share my favorite supplements to boost the immune system throughout the season.  Deadline to sign up is September 5th.  Seating maximum for this class is 12. If you are unavailable to attend the class for any reason you will be able to still pick up your herbal kit from the class.  NO refunds available after the deadline.

Family and Children’s Herbal Care Workshop – $50


November 9th 2019 – Homemade Gifts for the Holidays Class

No Seat Available Class is full as of 10-21-19

This fun and engaging class will go over 10 homemade gift ideas to give to friends and family for the holidays. You will go home with all the recipes and a sample of everything! These items include Garlic Herb Oil Infusion, Holiday Aromatic Room or Car Sprays,  Herbal Tea Blends, Homemade Cold Process Soap, Peppermint Lip Balm, Chocolate Peppermint Body Butter, Lavender Citrus Lotion Bars, Herbal Bath Salts, Homemade Spice Blends, and Herbal Muscle Rub. Class begins at 1 pm. Deadline to sign up is November 2nd.  Seating maximum for this class is 12.  If you are unavailable to attend the class for any reason you will be able to still pick up the items made from the class. NO refunds available after the deadline.

Class – $50 Class is full as of 10-21-19