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Events and Classes Page Updated 2023

I am excited to offer more in person classes for this up coming year of 2023! Please visit my events and classes page at the top of the home page to check out all the fun options available! Let me know if you have any questions!

Seed Starting Class February 25th

Come and learn how to start seeds without having to buy pots every year and grow your own food! We will discuss the ins and outs of how to properly care for your seedlings from start to finish. Cost is $60 for 1 tray of 28 plants and materials to take home or $75 for […]

New Herbal Tinctures Available!

My new batch of tinctures are ready for purchase. Check out my Herbal Tinctures, Tea and Syrup Blends Page for more details! All tinctures come in 2 ounce bottles for $15.

Spiced Molasses Cookie Bars

This has been my favorite treat this fall and winter! If you love lots of spice and a chewy consistency you will loves these! Drizzled with a lemon icing that adds a little tang to the spice makes it even more delicious! They come together quickly and are amazing with a roasted dandelion tea! Recipe […]

Dark Sourdough Rye Bread

This sourdough rye bread makes the best sandwiches! I love loading mine up with mayo, mustard, homemade horseradish, sauerkraut, beef pastrami, onion, greens and sharp cheddar! Oh it is sooo good! Recipe 1/2 cup starter 2 1/2 cups water, unchlorinated 1/3 cup molasses 1 tablespoon sea salt 1/4 cup melted or liquid coconut oil 1/4 […]

Mediterranean Chicken Rice Bowl

Simple and fast! That is what I love especially when I have been outside working in the garden for hours. I need something that will fill me up, is nutritious and simple. This dish is full of flavor and makes for good left overs the next day. Recipe Basmati or brown rice, cooked 1 cucumber […]

Fire Cider

I love growing most of these ingredients to make fire cider. It is one of those simple remedies that wards off all kinds of infections, especially within the respiratory system. It really is very simple to make and quite versatile. You can make all kinds of things from an oxymel to salad dressing. Here is […]

Infused Medicinal Grindelia Honey

This last summer I gathered many gumweed flower and buds oozing with their medicinal white resin. Their sticky resin is the medicine (I use olive oil to get it off my fingers)! This little roadside weed is amazing for all kinds of respiratory infections. It has antimicrobial properties, is a good expectorant and antispasmodic. I […]

Natural Orange and Fir Vinegar Cleaner

We decided to go up into our mountains this year and cut down a Christmas tree. I will be using the needles for medicine, but I also wanted to make an easy vinegar spray that smells good too! I just threw in fresh orange peels, fir needles and you can add whole cloves too if […]

Sourdough Baguettes

These are so good! I pulled them out of the oven to have for dinner and one was already gone before the soup was finished! They are so versatile and flavorful! Use them for dipping into soup, as part of appetizers and more! This recipe makes two medium sized loaves or 3 small ones. Recipe […]