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Food Storage Ordering

Bulk Food Storage

Bulk food storage orders are placed three times a year on the 20th of  each month.  

April and August

Orders are for pick up only in West Jordan, Utah


5 gallon bucket Hard White Wheat – $25

50# bag Hard White Wheat – $22

5 gallon bucket Hard Red Wheat – $25

50# bag Hard Red Wheat – $22

5 gallon bucket Soft White Wheat – $25

50# bag Soft White Wheat – $22



50# bag Premium Unbleached Flour – $26

3# bag Chef Brad Wonder Flour – $5

50# bag Vital Wheat Gluten – $69

5# bag Organic Coconut Flour – $14

1 case of 6 (5# bag) Organic Coconut Flour – $65

25# box Organic Coconut Flour – $50



4# bag Organic Coconut Palm Sugar – $12

1 case of 6 (4# tub) Organic Coconut Palm Sugar – $68



50# bag Oat Groats – $39

50# bag Steel Cut Oats – $39

50# bag Rolled Oats  – $35

50# bag Quick Rolled Oats – $35



50# bag Hulled Barley – $30

50# bag Pearled Barley – $30



50# bag 9-Grain Cracked Cereal – $35

50# bag 6-Grain Rolled Cereal – $35

25# bag Farina (similar to cream of wheat, made from semolina)  – $25


Specialty Grains

50# bag Spelt – $60

50# bag Organic Khorasan Wheat (Kamut) – $60

50# bag Rye – $35

50# bag Hulled Millet – $40

3# tub  Organic Medley Quinoa (mix of red, white and black quinoa) – $14

1 case of 6 (3# tub) Organic Medley Quinoa – $65

25# box Organic Quinoa – $85

25# bag Amaranth – $60

50# bag Buckwheat – $95

50# bag Triticale – $35



25# bag Brown Flax – $28

25# bag Golden Flax – $30




25# bag Long Grain White Rice – $25

25# bag Long Grain Brown Rice – $25



2# tub Organic Chia Seeds – $10

1 case of 6 (2# tub) Organic Chia Seeds – $50

25# box Organic Chia Seeds – $95



50# bag Pinto Beans – $54

25# bag Pinto Beans – $27

50# bag Red Beans – $50

25# bag Red Beans – $25

50# bag Black Beans – $59

25# bag Black Beans – $30

50# bag Great Northern White Beans – $70

25# bag Great Northern White Beans – $35

25# bag Garbonzo Beans – $29


Raw Honey

1 5lb. tub – $18

1 case of 6 – (5lb. tubs) – $87


Organic Agave

A blend of white and blue agave, this low glycemic food can be a complete sugar replacement.

1 – 5lb. bottle – $15

1 case of 6 (5lb. bottles) – $85



1 (gallon) tin Xavi de Oro First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $30

1 case (6) – 1 gallon tins Xavi de Oro First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $150.00  (shelf life of 3-5 years)

1 (56oz. jar) Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – $18

1 case of 4 (56oz. jar) Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – $60


Organic Vanilla

1 (8 oz. bottle) Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla – $9

1 case of 8 (8 oz.) bottles) Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla – $70


Powdered Peanut Butter

1 (30 oz. jar) Powdered Peanut Butter (USA 24 month shelf life) – $12

1 case of 6 (30 oz. jar) Powdered Peanut Butter (USA 24 month shelf life) – $60

25# box Powdered Peanut Butter – $90


Dry Milk

5 gallon bucket Country Cream Instant 100% Real Non-Fat Powdered Milk – $65


Whey Protein

Instantized Whey Protein 20#  box – $175

Redmond Salt

25# bag – $66

10# bucket – $36


Redmond Clay

6# bucket – $40


Buckets & Lids 

5 gallon Empty Bucket with Rubber Gasket Lid – $6

Gamma Lids – $8

Lid Lifter – $5


Sprouting Seeds Bucket

The 45lb. Sprouting Seeds Bucket contains a 1 year supply (per person) of the most complete and nutritionally dense element of your food storage plan. The bucket contains #42lbs. 8 part Nutrition Basic Mix and #3.5lbs. part Salad Mix. 

The Nutrition Basics Mix: Adzuki Beans,Mung Beans, Green Beans, Wheat, Triticale, Green Lentils, Red Lentils, Fenugreek

The Salad Mix: Alfalfa, Radish, Cabbage, Clover, Broccoli

Price: $150.00          

  • Introductory Special – Choose any one single #10 preparedness seed can (see below) free of charge when you buy the sprouting seeds bucket!
  • Sprouts are a very important part of food storage because they can take the place of fruits and vegetables when they are not available.
  • Once sprouted, these seeds provide one and one half cups of sprouts each day for 1 year.
  • Sprouts contain the highest source of active enzymes known to man.
  • Sprouts can convert protein into the amino acid building blocks so that we can digest them in half the time of cooked foods, assimilating those proteins, vitamins and minerals better than any other food source.
  • The purest form of vitamins and minerals are contained in sprouts.
  • The bucket includes the perfect mix of seeds for an optimal selection of vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • The 1 year supply of sprouting seeds will store for 10+ years if stored at 70% or below.

Garden Seed Cans

All 6 Garden Can seeds are Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated, Non-Chemically treated.  Instruction for harvesting and saving seeds are inside each can.  All seed cans have at least a 5 year shelf life or longer if kept in colder conditions.  Seed packets inside each can are resealable for later use.

Garden Can: $32 – 16 large resealable packets.  Plants nearly 3/4 acre.

Golden Bantam, Sweet Corn 5g; Utah Sweet Spanish, Onion 10g; Bloomsdale Long Standing, Spinach 10g; Waltham Butternut, Squash 10g; Black Beauty Zucchini, Squash 10g; Champion, Radish 10g; Rutgers, Tomato 5g; Lucullus, Swiss Chard 10g; Lincoln, Pea 10g; Detroit Dark Red, Beet 10g; Golden Acre, Cabbage 10g; Paris Island, Lettuce 10g; Marketmore, Cucumber 10g; Scarlet Nantes, Carrots 10g; Yolo Wonder, Pepper 5g; Spike, Bush Bean 5g

Culinary Herb: $32 – 16 large resealable packets.

Rosemary-150 seeds; Summer Savory-200 seeds; Spearmint-400 seeds; Russian Tarragon-200 seeds; Thyme-200 seeds; Florence Fennel-200 seeds; Sweet Marjoram-300 seeds; Italian Oregano-600 seeds; Italian Flat Leaf Parsley-300 seeds; Peppermint-400 seeds; Genovese Basil-200 seeds; Lemon Basil-200 seeds; Chives-200 seeds; Garlic Chives-200 seeds; Slow Bolt Cilantro-300 seeds; Bouquet Dill-400 seeds


Medicinal Herb: $37 – 16 large resealable packets.  Complete with planting, harvesting and information on using the herbs for specific aliments.

Aswaganda-100 seeds; Licorice-50 seeds; St. John’s Wort-200 seeds; Horehound-100 seeds; Arnica-50 seeds; Calendula-100 seeds; Stinging Nettle-200 seeds; Milk Thistle-50 seeds; Echinacea-100 seeds; Peppermint-200 seeds; Black Elderberry-100 seeds; Dandelion-200 seeds; Cayenne-100 seeds; Yarrow-100 seeds; Uva Ursi-50 seeds; Oregon Grape-50 seeds


Ancient Grains: $32 – 10 large resealable seed packets which have been chosen for their proven health benefits and potential for sustainable farming.  Seeds may be saved.

Waxy Hulles, Barley; Maverick, Spelt; Short Blanca, Quinoa; Kanta, Amaranth; Prima, Rye; Monida, Oats; Brand Korasan Wheat, Kamut; White Proso, Millet; Hopi Blue, Corn; Brown Flax


Salsa Garden: $32 – 11 seed packets with complete planting instructions and award winning salsa recipe!

Anaheim Pepper-100 seeds; Early Jalapeno Pepper-100 seeds; California Wonder Pepper-100 seeds; Big Red Pepper-100 seeds; White Sweet Spanish Onion-100 seeds; Yellow Sweet Spanish Onions-100 seeds; Slow Bolt Cilantro-100 seeds; Beefsteak Tomatoes-100 seeds; Roma Tomotoes-100 seeds; Rutgers Tomatoes-100 seeds; Grande Rio Verde Tomatillo-100 seeds


Fruit and Such: $32 – 10 seed packets

Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe 10g; Green flesh Honey Dew 10g; Crimson Sweet Watermelon 10g; Ground Cherry-300 seeds; Garden Huckleberry-300 seeds; Alexandria Alpine Strawberry-300 seeds; Yellow Canary Melon 10g; Large Red Cherry Tomato 5g; Connecticut Field Pumpkin 10g; Golden Beauty Casaba Melon 10g


Butterfly Express Oils

Not all available oils are listed.  You can visit their website for more options if you like.  Below are a list of most oils and prices.  These are very high quality 100% pure essential oils.

Angelica 50ml Essential Oil 140.00

Basil 50ml Essential Oil 27.00

Bergamot 50ml Essential Oil 24.31

Birch 50ml Essential Oil 30.00

Cajeput 50ml Essential Oil 16.95

Cassia 50ml Essential Oil 20.75

Cedarwood 50ml Essential Oil 18.15

Chamomile, Roman 50ml Essential Oil 65.00

Cinnamon Bark 50ml Essential Oil 40.00

Clary Sage 50ml Essential Oil 37.50

Clove Bud Essential Oil 50ml 26.50

Cumin 50ml Essential Oil 46.75

Cypress sempervirens 50ml Essential Oil 28.25

Eucalyptus Globulus 50ml Essential Oil 12.25

Eucalyptus Peppermint 50ml Essential Oil 14.00

Fir, Idaho Balsam 50ml Essential Oil 21.00

Frankincense seratta 50ml Essential Oil 33.25

Geranium 50ml Essential Oil 28.00

Ginger Sweet 50ml Essential Oil 60.40

Gingergrass 50ml Essential Oil 25.40

Goldenrod 50ml Essential Oil 175.00

Grapefruit, white 50ml Essential Oil 14.00

Helichrysum angustifolia 50ml Essential Oil 176.75

Holy Basil 50ml Essential Oil 37.00

Hyssop 50ml Essential Oil 78.00

Idaho Tansy 50ml Essential Oil 82.50

Lavender 50ml Essential Oil 22.00

Lavender Australian 50ml Essential Oil 49.60

Lemon 50ml Essential Oil 18.75

Lemon Eucalyptus 50ml Essential Oil 39.50

Lemon Myrtle 50ml Essential Oil 52.75

Lemongrass 50ml Essential Oil 21.25

Marjoram 50ml Essential Oil 39.50

Melissa Blend 50ml Essential Oil 56.25

Melissa Rectified 50ml Essential Oil 60.50

Mountain Savory 50ml Essential Oil 49.25

Myrrh 50ml Essential Oil 79.00

Myrtle 50ml Essential Oil 23.00

Nutmeg 50ml Essential Oil 32.50

Orange Bitter 50ml Essential Oil 16.00

Orange Sweet 50ml Essential Oil 14.25

Orange Sweet Dark 50ml Essential Oil 16.75

Oregano Wild 50ml Essential Oil 44.00

Patchouli 50ml Essential Oil 29.00

Peppermint piperita 50ml Essential Oil 21.25

Pine Needle 50ml Essential Oil 23.00

Rose Geranium 50ml Essential Oil 65.00

Rosemary 50ml Essential Oil 19.50

Rosewood 50ml Essential Oil 68.50

Sage 50ml Essential Oil 39.75

Spearmint 50ml Essential Oil 22.15

Spikenard 50ml Essential Oil 73.75

Spruce picea 50ml Essential Oil 33.50

Spruce tsuga 50ml Essential Oil 53.50

Tea Tree 50ml Essential Oil 23.00

Thyme 50ml Essential Oil 39.50

Turmeric 50ml Essential Oil 23.00

Valerian 50ml Essential Oil 61.50

Wintergreen 50ml Essential Oil 23.90

Yarrow Green, USA 50ml Essential Oil 75.50

Ylang Complete 50ml Essential Oil 47.50


Shelf Life List

Hard Grains (wheat, corn, kamut millet, dry flax spelt, triticale) 15-20+ years

Soft Grains (rolled oats, oat groats, rye, barley, quinoa) 8 years

Rice: White rice will store for 8 – 10 years. Brown rice will only keep for 2-3 years

Beans (soy, adzuki, blackeye, barbanzo, kidney, great northern, lentils, lima, mung, pinto, etc.) 8-10 years

Dehydrated vegetables (broccoli, carrots, celery, cabbage, onions, peppers, potatoes, etc.) 8 – 10 years

Dehydrated fruit 10-15 years

Dried dairy (powdered eggs, powdered milk, whey powder, cheese powder, cocoa powder, powdered butter or margarine) 5-10 years

Flours and ground products (All Purpose Flour, unbleached flour, whole wheat flour, white flour, cornmeal, cracked wheat, gluten, wheat flakes, mixes, etc.) 5 years

Pasta (Macaroni noodles, spaghetti, etc.) 10-15 years

Pure honey, salt, sugar, and sorghum molasses can be kept indefinitely as long as they are kept free from moisture. (Make sure that your honey does not contain additives. Sometimes water or sugar are added to honey. Pure honey will crystallize when stored for a long time. Impure honey will not.)


 Contact Me For Ordering

Please visit the contact tab in the upper right hand corner of the page and submit your list.

Please note that a 3% tax will be added to the total along with additional directions.

All orders must be picked up within a 2 week period from the time you are notified of availability or will be donated to a family in need.



All payments are due on or before the 15th deadline.  Please write your check out to Emily Saddler.